About the Restaurant Vendors' Association

The Restaurant Vendors' Association started 30 years ago with a few vendors meeting for an early cup of coffee. It was a casual networking group that has evolved into a more structured and disciplined organization concentrating on the hospitality industry. An important feature of the RVA that makes the group unique and successful is members do not compete with each other. Only one company is allowed for each business category - this insures the free flow of information and business leads between all members. Before joining the group, you must call Eric Anderson at 954.829.9706 to determine if your business category is open and you qualify for membership.


3210 SE 10th St, Unit 7E Pompano Beach, FL. 33062



Current Business Category Openings

  • Locksmith
  • Produce and Dairy
  • Branded Merchandise/Apparel
  • Web Design
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Wine
  • First Aid/Medical
  • Kitchen Ansul Systems
  • Printing
  • Accountant
  • Music/Audio Visual Systems
  • Payroll Systems
  • Renovations, Buildout and Construction
  • Chemicals

Advantages of the RVA

RVA members recommend fellow members to our customers - this networking creates a win-win situation for all concerned. Members generate business for one another and are assured of quality product and services in return. Vendors are protective of their exclusive category status and work hard to maintain good standing in the group. Food and beverage operators recognize RVA members as fair, efficient and reliable.

Our Buyer's Guide for the food and beverage industry represents a network of vendors committed to professionalism with ethics. The guide covers all aspects of the hospitality industry - from site location and construction to equipment sales, product and supply purchasing, staff training and all support services. The Buyer's Guide has been referred to as "The Solutions Book" by foodservice professionals. Their continued success provides our livelihood, when they use members in the directory to save time and money.

Meeting Information

You must first call Eric Anderson at 954.829.9706 to check the availability of your business category. If your business category is open, Eric will invite you to attend an RVA meeting as a guest. The group meets every Tuesday morning at 8:00 am - breakfast is served. Many members come early to network before the meeting starts.

You will be impressed by the amount of knowledge and information that is exchanged at your first meeting. This information is confidential and should not be shared with non-members. This is important as members give this information openly and freely and will respect what you say in confidence. You are expected to bring information to the table as well as take from it. When you are referred by a member you are expected to respond in a prompt manner because it is not just your word or reputation on the line - you will now be representing the RVA as well.

Membership Information

After attending three consecutive meetings as a guest, RVA members will vote on permanent membership. Regular attendance at meetings is expected of all RVA members. All members are also expected to bring at least two leads per week.
All leads should be as complete as possible including:

Business name - Owners name - Address - Phone - Company contact - Other pertinent information

Take time during the week to qualify your leads so they are as precise and accurate as possible. If you have a hot lead, you can call and network with the appropriate member directly. Your phone will start ringing too. The effort you put into the RVA will return to you many times over.

Membership Dues

Quarterly dues are $150.
Breakfast is included at meetings.